Entangled worlds of labour

historical anthropology of labour, labour relations in Eastern Europe

Selected publications


Planning Labour: Time and the Foundations of Industrial Socialism in Romania. New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books (2019). *ASEEES 2020 Hewett Book Prize for Outstanding Publication on the Political Economy of Russia, Eurasia, and/or Eastern Europe, Honorable Mention. link


“Socialist Accumulation and Its “Primitives” in Romania”, International Review of Social History (2022). link

Prolegomena to a New Global Labour History for Eastern and Central Europe”, Historein 19 (1) (2020). link

“Producing Knowledge in Productive Spaces: Ethnography and Planning in Early Socialist Romania”, Economy and Society, Volume 43, Issue 2:211-232 (2014). link

Chapters in edited volumes

“Why Hegemony Was Not Born in the Factory: Sciences of Labour and Politics of Productivity from a Gramscian Angle”, in Pietro Omodeo and Massimiliano Badiliano, eds., Cultural Hegemony in a Scientific World: Gramscian Concepts for the History of Science (Historical Materialism Series). Leiden: Brill (2020). link

“It was quiet”: Pandemics as normal life in a Southern Romanian town”. In Corona and Work Around the Globe, edited by Andreas Eckert. Oldenbourg: DeGruyter (2020). link

“The Impossibility of Being Planned: Slackers and Stakhanovites in Early Socialist Romania”, in Marsha Siefert and Susan Zimermann, eds., Labor in State Socialist Europe after 1945: Contributions to Global Labor History. Budapest:  Central European University Press (2020). link